Welcoming The Storm

Yes! It was 24 degrees Fahrenheit in Madison when I arrived last Friday. And it snowed two inches on the first day of April!! Mamma mia! In Chicago, the cold rain chilled all exposed parts. In Wisconsin, the wind felt Arctic! But the storm is also a metaphor: I have been performing THE MAN WITH EIGHT PAIRS OF LEGS non-stop for nine weeks – readings, interviews, public conversations, signings. I met my publishing team at Sarabande Books for the first time in Philly, my fellow Sarabande authors (who are awesome!) and sat, finally, on the other side of the table, the published side. I have welcomed this “storm” of activity centered around old friends, new friends, independent book stores heroically surviving despite online shopping and the pandemic; and, of course, my debut collection of fiction. 


I have now sung my work to 470 people at 12 venues. I have been roaming from town to town like a bard of olde. By bus, by train, by air. What a pleasure! To sing my art out loud to curious readers eager to hear my every word!! And I do sing it because language is music to me, the paragraphs measures in a musical score. Venues have played the book’s soundtrack as folks arrive and again as I sign, arousing the audience, and haunting them. They always boogie in their seats when The Supremes come on with “Where Did My Love Go?,” the song featured in my story “City of Angels.”

In the next printing, maybe I should include a QR Code so every person who buys my collection can also listen to the soundtrack! Or we’ll put the link on my book-mark swag!! If you haven’t yet heard the playlist, including one musical piece linked to each story, here is the link!

A taste of my bardic adventures: