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Apr 4 2022

Welcoming The Storm

Yes! It was 24 degrees Fahrenheit in Madison when I arrived last Friday. And it snowed two inches on the first day of April!! Mamma mia! In Chicago, the cold rain chilled all exposed parts. In Wisconsin, the wind felt Arctic! But the storm is also a metaphor: I have been performing ...
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Feb 28 2022

Calm Before the Storm

THE BOOK TOUR:  Well, the rubber really did hit the road. I did six book events in February. I have seven book events in March. Five in April. And I just found out I will be presenting on a featured fiction panel during the Bay Area Book Festival the first ...
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Jan 31 2022

Exhaustion & Gratitude

On this day, the day before the public launch of my book, this is how I feel. Exhausted after juggling dozens of balls in the air for months – details, people, dates, queries, correspondences, posts, promotions – and grateful for the many incredible people I have met along the way, which includes, ...
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Jan 18 2022

When the Rubber Hits the Road (Almost)

I am freaking out over here. To say that this has been a long time coming is an understatement. I read my poems at public readings in the late 70s, produced a couple of short plays in the mid-80s. A single mother with an eight-year-old, I published Journey into Motherhood: Writing Your ...
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Louis Macouillard

Dec 27 2021

Location, Location, Location

Mariam likes to get up before Cedric, just as the world is taking shape, and stroll in her nightgown and robe through their newly-built home on Novato Ridge – her Shangri-La. Oh, how they soothe her, these rolling hills that stretch north and west beyond the tidy housing development – ...
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Dec 9 2021

The Animated Role of Inanimate Objects in The Man with Eight Pairs of Legs

I am a visual thinker. A sensual woman. A sensory woman. What I see is important to me. What I touch, the texture. What I smell. What I hear. Light and the way light alters the density of things as they appear, muting or brightening color, shading, creating atmosphere and ...
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Leslie's Recent Interviews & Essays

May 18 2022

Musings & Meanderings: Leslie Kirk Campbell talks about her debut collection in our ‘4 Questions’ chat

Interview with Leslie A. Lindsay, self-declared Book Nerd. 1. Without responding in complete sentences, what would you say THE MAN WITH EIGHT PAIRS OF LEGS is about? Leslie Kirk Campbell: *BODIES PHYSICALLY MARKED BY MEMORIES: The way our bodies hold our pasts, visibly – bruises, scars, tattoos – and invisibly over a lifetime, or through generations. How this guides us. How this makes us feel as we sit in a chair or walk down the street. *RISKING EVERYTHING TO ESCAPE THE CARDS WE’VE BEEN DEALT: Longing for something other than our current circumstances; courting danger in our efforts to escape 2. Where did you write THE MAN WITH EIGHT PAIRS OF LEGS? Do you have any special writing routines or rituals? Do ...
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Mar 17 2022

Interview with Caroline Leavitt, NYT best-selling novelist and co-founder of A Mighty Blaze, a social platform for authors

Leslie Kirk Campbell, winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction talks about her astounding new collection, THE MAN WITH EIGHT PAIRS OF LEGS, longings, settings, and so much more. I always think that writers are haunted into writing their stories, or looking to write their way into an answer for some questions they have. Was it this way for you? I am a writer richer in ideas than in characters. These ideas often arise from a question that is unexpectedly provoked by an image, a movement, a sound, or a dream. My story “Nightlight,” for example, arose from a vivid dream I had in which a middle-class woman, a wife, is looking out her bay window, surprised to ...
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Mar 9 2022

Leslie Kirk Campbell Recommends… in Poets & Writers

“I remember the dramatic moments that nearly stopped me as I wrote my first story collection. After a tough manuscript review with a top-notch editor, I dove, seemingly irretrievably, into deep despair. I lost belief in myself. I mean, it was bad. Days dragged into weeks, my desk uninhabited. Then one day, I went and sat in my garden, long my refuge. I breathed in the roses, looked for buds on the camelia, stood in awe of the yellow trumpet flowers. And somehow my heart clicked back into place. Faith, I discovered, resides in an even deeper place than belief. It is always there, even when I cannot see it. That same year, despondent after an unexpectedly humiliating summer writing workshop ...
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Feb 25 2022

A Constellation of Fiction: How to Tell When You Have a Short Story Collection in LitHub

Leslie Kirk Campbell on Finding the Shape of a Book Alnitak, 800 light years from the Earth; Alnilam, 1340 light years, and Mintaka, 915 light years from where you are sitting now—the three stars that make up Orion’s Belt, one of the most recognizable stellar events in the Earth’s night sky, are each more than 90,000 times more luminous than the sun. Add to them: Betelgeuse, a red supergiant, Orion’s right shoulder; Bellatrix, a blue giant, Orion’s left shoulder; and 9-million-year-old Rigel, soon to become either a supernova or a black hole, Orion’s left foot. One might wonder how this random batch of stars—hundreds of light years apart and with vastly different galactic histories—became Orion, the cosmic hunter. As a ...
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Dec 30 2021

December 30, 2021 – Article by Vanessa Hua in SF Chronicle Datebook

Excerpt from article 'Bay Area authors share their rituals for celebrating New Year's Eve and beyond' "For Leslie Kirk Campbell, 'the season of the longest nights - winter solstice and the end of the calendar year' - she organizes her study and clears away clutter, until her workspace represents her writing priorities for the coming year, said Campbell, author of the forthcoming 'The Man With Eight Pairs of Legs.' In years past, she and her partner would drive to Green Gulch Zendo to sit with dozens of others on zabutons. 'At midnight, we all set tiny origami boats with candles onto the pond, then drink hot cider around a bonfire, tossing what we wish to leave behind into the flames.' ...
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Nov 1 2021

November/December 2021 Issue of inMotion Magazine

Looking Forward The Man with Eight Pairs of Legs: Why I Became a Disability Advocate Body memory fascinates me. The ways we are marked by our pasts, literally, on our skin - bruises, scars, tracks, tattoos, and invisibly - genetic memory of genocide over generations, phantom limbs. My debut collection of eight short stories, The Man with Eight Pairs of Legs explores these themes. The title story is about the unexpected encounter between a tall, thin high school history teacher, Harriet, who hates her body and Callahan, a bilateral AK amputee who aims to compete in a track race at the county fair in her small Colorado town in 1999. Nico Marcolongo, Senior Manager of Operation Rebound, writes: "This is ...
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